Starry Night Theater

Starry Night Theater Company was founded in 2012 to engage audiences of all ages in the unique art of live theater, especially in under-served communities. In an age of “plugging in and tuning out,” we have lost some of the common experiences that help define our communities and culture. Live theater offers the audience a chance to share in the creative process and take away a unique emotional resonance. Every audience is different, and therefore, every performance is different due to the symbiotic relationship between audience member and performer. By contrast, film and television are passive mediums, but live theater engages the audience in a way that harkens back to our earliest ancestors’ methods of teaching and storytelling. When the performance is over, each audience member takes away a memory of something unique that can never be duplicated and that can foster one’s intellectual and spiritual growth. Starry Night Theater Company’s objective is to faithfully continue this wonderful tradition and hopefully change each audience member in a positive way.

Our first production is Vincent, by Leonard Nimoy. We are also in the process of choosing future projects. Stay tuned for more details!