Director`s notes

Many biblical scholars attribute the Christian faith as much to the preaching and letters of St. Paul as they do the chronicle of the acts and events of Christ’s ministry found in the Gospels. It was Paul’s interpretation of the meaning and significance of Jesus that provided the theological basis for the development of Christianity. So, in effect the Church sees Christ through the eyes of St. Paul.

In a similar manner, Theo van Gogh appears on the stage to engage you about the life and death of his brother, Vincent. But, like St. Paul, Theo is not interested in telling the small story of the demise of one man. He argues the big story of the meaning and significance of his brother’s life to all humankind. As seen through the eyes of Theo, Vincent van Gogh lives on as a symbol of inspiration, courage, passion, and the lust for life that art kindles in us. “He was here to realize great things for humanity,” Theo proclaims, “to accomplish noble things for mankind, and he did!” Oh, yes, he did indeed, and Theo is about to prove it to you. — Dr. Brant Pope